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Oct 16, 2018

Nick shares his experience at this year's New York Comic Con

Oct 1, 2018

Nick and Patience discuss their experience at this year's Fantastic Fest and all the movies they saw including the new Halloween, Suspiria, Overlord, One Cut of the Dead and more

Sep 24, 2018

With season 3 of DBZ abridged wrapping up, we bring on Justin to talk about it and some of their other favorite abridged series. We also discuss the news of the new live action avatar series and whether or not Bert and Ernie are...

Sep 16, 2018

The Unapologists bring on Justin and Patience to discuss the new Predator film and the whole Predator franchise

Sep 9, 2018

The Unapologists discuss the new Spider-Man game, the latest Predator trailer, and Burt Reynolds' death. We also have our interview with Godzilla artist Matt Frank from our Austin Trip