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Jul 9, 2017

Travis and Nick check out if Spiderman's return to marvel meets the hype

Jun 6, 2017

It is finally here. A DC movie that people actually like! But is it as good as people are saying? Join the Unapologists as they try to answer that question

Mar 11, 2017

The Unaplogists contemplate the age old question...

"Is That a Monkey?"

Jan 20, 2017

Nick and Kyle tackle the films "XXX The Return of Xander Cage" and "Split" in their first double feature!

Dec 24, 2016

Everything is permitted... but should it be? Unapologists Nick and Travis are joined by Jon Romo of "We Are Error" to discuss the latest videogame adaptation "Assassin's Creed". They will review in the darkness to bring this movies plot holes to the...