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Apr 23, 2018

Nick brings on Les to talk about Netflix's bloody comedy "Santa Clarita Diet"

Apr 19, 2018

It's the last of our Anime Detour coverage! This time we have the audio from our 2nd Impression Script Read panel where we read the script for the first episode of pokemon in some of our favorite impressions. Thanks again to everyone who played games with us and attended our panels. You are the reason for the great...

Apr 16, 2018

The Unapologists bring on special guest Ian Butcher to discuss the dark twisted insanity that is Tim Burton's "Batman Returns"

Apr 14, 2018

It’s another Wrath of Cons episode! Join us as we play games and reminisce about some of our favorite con stories with the attendees of Anime Detour!

Also, special thank you to guest unapologist Shak for joining in on our weekly geeky news...

Leonardo Dicaprio vs Leonardo Da Vinci - Super Fight (Anime Detour 2018

Apr 11, 2018

Can Leonardo Dicaprio armed with Thor's hammer triumph over Leonard Da Vinci while he holds the one ring to rule them all? Tune in to find...