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Feb 17, 2018

Wakanda forever!

This episode:
The Kitty Pride might finally be happening! The Doom Patrol are coming to TV! The Rock is jumping off skyscrapers! All that and our review for "Black Panther"


Feb 12, 2018

The Unapologists cross some dimensions with special quest Chris Herman to discuss the latest Cloverfield film

Feb 10, 2018

Freeman and Dinklage get into a rap battle, Travis isn't feeling the new "Lupin The Third", Nick finally watches "Kill La Kill", and Dumbledore's sexuality is thrown into question! All this and more on this week's episode as we take a gander at some of the trailers and ads of the...

Feb 5, 2018

Gasp! The Unapologists don't like Devilman Crybaby! Can Otabro Ed convince them otherwise?

Feb 3, 2018

The Unapologists finally watch the first episode of Marvel's "Inhumans" to see if it as bad as everyone says it is. We also catch up on the latest trailers for "Rampage", "Deep Blue Sea 2", and "Antman and the...