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Jan 31, 2017

It is our second D&D where we introduce our new player Jackie, and Nick and Tessa face off against each other in glorious Agni Kai! Who will win? Will Travis actually effect the plot? Will Jackie's character actually show up this episode?

Tune in to find...

Jan 28, 2017

This week the unapologists discuss their favorite robots! Let us appease our future overlords! We also talk about the geeky news and trailers of the week, Nick and Travis give their thoughts on Voltron season 2, and Kyle reviews his "Suck It Up!"...

Jan 27, 2017

The Unapologists review the classic "The Princess Bride"

Jan 21, 2017

Not only do the unapologists discuss some of their favorite action films this week, but Nick also sits down with John Pence along with previous guests Zack Dolan and Laurie Foster to discuss their new collaborative project the comic book "The Surgeon"

Check it out here

Jan 20, 2017

Discover if the Unapologists are "wild" about this Disney remake

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