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Apr 30, 2016

It's East meets West on this episode of the UGO as the Unapologists bring on special guest Kevin and Edwin of The Otabros podcast to discuss how anime has influenced cartoons in the West as well as Western Culture. Nick also had the good fortune of sitting down with some of the talented creators of the comic book Super!...

Apr 25, 2016

Our watch has not yet ended.

With season 6 on our door step, Nick brings in special guest and dedicated "Throner" Jessica Mueller. Discussion includes thoughts on the previous season as well as predictions for season 6.

Apr 23, 2016

This week the Unapologists tackle Hollywood new favorite pastime, the remake. We also discuss AMC theater's texting policy and the white washing controversy in the upcoming Power Rangers and Ghost in the Shell films. We also have our trailer talk segment where we talk about the trailers for "Magnificent 7", "The...

Apr 23, 2016

It's time once again to see what Netflix has to offer us. This time we discuss the film "Black Death". Starring our favorite professional whisperer Eddie Redmayne and Sean (how do I die this time) Bean. Have a listen to see if this collaboration is better than "Jupiter Ascending"

Podcast Crossover Part 1

Apr 22, 2016

This week our very own Merc with a Mic got to be a guest on the anime podcast "the Otabros" Where he joined in on a discussion of Western culture's effect on anime. But this is only part 1 of our Crossovery goodness as we will be having a few of the Otabros on next week to discuss anime's effect on Western animation....